Kids Connecting Nature

We offer engaging, educational and hands-on environmental programs aligned to meet NSW and Australian Syllabus outcomes while stimulating curiosity and passion for local biodiversity.


The first in a series of exciting incursion programs is The Super Pollinators: Aussie Native Bees.

Our workshops come to you – anywhere in the Greater Sydney Region!


We are thrilled to be partnering with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney to offer Plan Bee – The same exciting program provided in bee paradise!


Due to popular demand, we now offer workshops for the big kids; ‘Plan Bee for Big Kids’ – adult workshops at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Stay tuned for exciting environmental workshops specific to your local area.

Abbie was calm, professional and her enthusiasm was contagious!
Teacher Balgowlah Nth PS August 2017
Teacher , Balgowlah Nth PS August 2017
This incursion was probably the best incursion we have ever had in the school. The content fit in perfectly with what we are teaching the students about bees and the skills we are looking at in Geography. I would highly recommend it!
Teacher, Balgowlah Nth PS August 2017
I liked it because it was very interactive and taught me a lot about the different types of bees. –
Student, Balgowlah Nth PS August 2017
I’m giving it a nine out of ten.
Student, Balgowlah Nth PS August 2017
The bee incursion was amazing. I would recommend it to every school in Australia.
Student, Balgowlah Nth PS August 2017
I recommend it because you learn heaps about bees and other pollinators.
Student, Balgowlah Nth PS August 2017
The bee hotels were so much fun to make and we had a great time.
Student , Balgowlah Nth PS August 2017
It was so much fun. I loved Abbie’s jokes, they were so funny and we learnt so much. I do recommend it to lots of other schools.
Student, Balgowlah Nth PS August 2017
It provided a great experience for the students to develop an awareness of bees and develop team work skills.
Teacher, Chifley PS Dec 2017
The Super Pollinators Incursion was interesting and well presented. Students were engaged and asked interesting questions which arose from the presentation.
Teacher , Chifley PS Dec 2017
It was a wonderful experience for our students. They have a greater awareness of native bees.
Teacher, Chifley PS Dec 2017
It was great – the kids loved it!
Year 1 Teacher, Hornsby North PS Oct 2017
Fabulous! Expressive, dramatic, super clear info. So professional! Fantastic resources!
Karen Fitzsimmons, Teacher , Hornsby North PS Oct 2017
The kids loved the bee hotel lesson. It was very hands-on, super engaging yet challenging.

Year 1 Teacher , Hornsby North PS Oct 2017
A fantastic and engaging workshop!
Year 1 Teacher , Hornsby North PS Oct 2017
The students and teachers all gained some important and useful information on bees!
Year 1 Teacher, Miranda PS Nov 2017
Fits in perfectly with unit (of study for year 1).
Year 1 Teacher, Hornsby North PS Oct 2017
Very interesting; lots of unknown facts.
Teacher, Miranda PS Nov 2017
Our year 3’s were captivated by Abbie’s fascinating facts about bees. They loved checking out all of the different specimens Abbie brought in too. The highlight of the day by far was definitely the hands-on opportunity for the students to build their very own bee hotels. It allowed for the important skill of team work to flourish and the results were amazing. Overall it was a fun filled day with lots of learning opportunities. Abbie was so knowledgeable and her enthusiasm was infectious. Thank you for a wonderful day Abbie!
Samantha Zivic - Yr 3 Teacher, Our Lady of Angels Primary School
Abbie and her fun presentation on native bees inspired our children and added so much to their knowledge of pollination. We have a large vegetable garden and orchard here in which the children spend allocated lesson time each week. We have spent the winter looking at pollination, seeds and flower parts whilst doing the Primary Connections unit Plants in Action. This workshop ties in nicely with the unit. Thank you Abbie!
Kimberley Moule - Garden Specialist, Berrima public school - August 2016
Thank you to you and your team at Kids Connecting Nature for running a fantastic and informative workshop for our primary students! It was amazing to discover so many wonderful facts about bees, especially Australian bees. The students thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, especially creating and painting their bee hotels…and some have already been put to good use! We will treasure this enriching experience for a long time.
Denise Cronin - Teacher, Southern Cross Baptist School - October 2016
You should have a bee incursion in the classroom, because you can learn a truckload of things: like how to make a fantastic bee house. The bee house will let bees have somewhere to rest and lay their eggs, especially bees who cannot fly long distances. I like how the bee house looked after we painted it. We learned a lot and so did our teachers. The day was awesome.
Caitlyn, Year 1 student, OLMC Oct 2016
My favourite bee is the teddy bear bee. I liked participating with my partner.
Tony, Year 1 Student, OLMC Oct 2016
Abbie the bee lady came to our school she taught us how to use a hammer and nails to build a bee house. We all cooperated together as a team to make a bee house.
Georgia, Year 1 Student, OLMC 0 Oct 2016
I made a bee hive. I used a hammer and nails, with the nails and hammer I hammered it in. I think Abbie should visit other schools so they can learn all about the bees too.
Alessandra, Year 1 Student, OLMC - Oct 2016
A stimulating and informative workshop using all the elements of STEM lessons.

Stage One Coordinator , William Carey Christian School - March 2018
The kids really loved it. They were really interested.

Year 1 Teacher, William Carey Christian School - March 2018
Today’s workshop was amazing- an exciting, hands on learning experience that linked well with Stage 2 Living World outcomes. The students were engrossed in the construction of their bee hotels and will be talking about it for years to come! Abbie was an engaging presenter, full of enthusiasm and knowledge on the topic. Her invertebrate displays, construction materials and overall presentation were of a very high quality. A highly recommended activity for primary school students.
Jessica Bushby - Assistant Principal (Stage 2), Annandale North Public School - March 2018
From the moment Abbie arrived at our school we knew this was going to be a great incursion. She came very prepared with outstanding resources. Her Powerpoint presentation and supplementary information were perfectly pitched at our year 1 students. They loved building the bee hotels and viewing her amazing display.
Year 1 Educator , Moriah College - March 2018