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Great for students to create something related to their learning. Abbie was full of energy and clearly passionate about bees and educating students of their importance.

Suzanne MacLeaod - Year 4 teacher, Kambala School, Rose Bay

This program has broad reaching benefits including real world application of syllabus outcomes and deeper long term influence on sustainable approaches to living and conserving the living world.

Catherine Judd - Community and Education Programs Coordinator, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

The students were engaged throughout the entire session. They learnt useful information to transfer into their learning.

Teacher - Stage 3, Kingsgrove Public School

Great information that is going to stimulate some great literacy tasks.

Olivier Kairies - Year 4 teacher, St Alyosius Catholic School, Milsons Point

From the moment Abbie arrived at our school we knew this was going to be a great incursion. She came very prepared with outstanding resources. Her Powerpoint presentation and supplementary information were perfectly pitched at our year 1 students. They loved building the bee hotels and viewing her amazing display.

Year 1 Educator, Moriah College, Queens Park

An engaging, stimulating, hands-on activity full of amazing information. Very well prepared and presented.

Daniel Pozarik - Year 4 Teacher, Randwick Public School

Today’s workshop was amazing- an exciting, hands on learning experience that linked well with Stage 2 Living World outcomes. The students were engrossed in the construction of their bee hotels and will be talking about it for years to come! Abbie was an engaging presenter, full of enthusiasm and knowledge on the topic. Her invertebrate displays, construction materials and overall presentation were of a very high quality. A highly recommended activity for primary school students.

Jessica Bushby - Assistant Principal (Stage 2), Annandale North Public School

100% satisfaction: Learning through a variety of ways. Informative presentations with interaction with students followed up by an outstanding set of resources and info boards to deepen understanding and aid interests – not to mention the hands-on making. So very well structured and organised.

Stage 2 Teacher, Kegworth Public School Leichhardt

I would highly recommend this incursion to link science and geography units

Cassie Vavouns - Year 3 teacher, St Kieran's Catholic School, Manly Vale

Great incursion – one of the best – an excellent intro to our science unit, stimulating kids cursiosity

Lisa Williams - Stage 2 Teacher, Kegworth Public School, Leichhardt

Extremely relevant, well prepared and knowledgeable. Really well structured and accessible for students. A great way to consolidate learning.

Teacher - Stage 1, Killara Public School

Very clear content. Linked well with what we have been learning in class. Great presentation and props.

Andrew - Teacher Year 4, Randwick Public School

Abbie is a very entertaining, engaging presenter – the slides were informative and paired with her humour made for a wonderful show. I was hanging off every word. I was worried about the hammering but the students proved to be very capable – surprising and impressing me! The teaching resources were of really high quality and the students loved the real life artifacts. Extremely engaging, informative and worthwhile.

Libby Tulip: Relieving Assistant Principal - Stage 2, Clovelly Public School

Great links to syllabus. Well planned and very manageable. A fantastic incursion that incorporated education and hands-on experience.

Louise Mitchell - Gardening Club, St Rose Catholic School, Narrabeen

Workshop was incredibly engaging and achievable for all students. Small groups mean all students had equal opportunity to participate and all kids learnt something new.

Brooke - Stage 2 Teacher, Quakers Hill Public School

Kids (and teachers!) were highly engaged. Abbie was an excellent presenter who was obviously very knowledgeable and passionate. The perfect way to end our “Living Things’ program on bees!

Zoe Baeten - Stage 2 Teacher, Maroubra Junction Public School

This incursion was probably the best incursion we have ever had in the school. The content fit in perfectly with what we are teaching the students about bees and the skills we are looking at in Geography. I would highly recommend it!

Teacher, Balgowlah North Public School

The bee incursion was amazing. I would recommend it to every school in Australia.

Student, Balgowlah North Public School

Our year 3’s were captivated by Abbie’s fascinating facts about bees. They loved checking out all of the different specimens Abbie brought in too. The highlight of the day by far was definitely the hands-on opportunity for the students to build their very own bee hotels. It allowed for the important skill of team work to flourish and the results were amazing. Overall it was a fun filled day with lots of learning opportunities. Abbie was so knowledgeable and her enthusiasm was infectious. Thank you for a wonderful day Abbie!

Samantha Zivic - Year 3 Teacher, Our Lady of Angels Primary School, Kellyville

Fabulous! Expressive, dramatic, super clear info. So professional! Fantastic resources!

Karen Fitzsimmons, Teacher, Hornsby North Public School

A stimulating and informative workshop using all the elements of STEM lessons.

Stage One Coordinator, William Carey Christian School, Prestons

The Super Pollinators Incursion was interesting and well presented. Students were engaged and asked interesting questions which arose from the presentation.

Teacher, Chifley Public School

The kids loved the bee hotel lesson. It was very hands-on, super engaging yet challenging.

Year 1 Teacher, Hornsby North Public School

I liked it because it was very interactive and taught me a lot about the different types of bees.

Student, Balgowlah North Public School

A fantastic and engaging workshop!

Year 1 Teacher, Hornsby North Public School

The students and teachers all gained some important and useful information on bees!

Year 1 Teacher, Miranda Public School

Fits in perfectly with unit (of study for year 1).

Year 1 Teacher, Hornsby North Public School

Abbie and her fun presentation on native bees inspired our children and added so much to their knowledge of pollination. We have a large vegetable garden and orchard here in which the children spend allocated lesson time each week. We have spent the winter looking at pollination, seeds and flower parts whilst doing the Primary Connections unit Plants in Action. This workshop ties in nicely with the unit. Thank you Abbie!

Kimberley Moule - Garden Specialist, Berrima Public School

Thank you to you and your team at Kids Connecting Nature for running a fantastic and informative workshop for our primary students! It was amazing to discover so many wonderful facts about bees, especially Australian bees. The students thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, especially creating and painting their bee hotels…and some have already been put to good use! We will treasure this enriching experience for a long time.

Denise Cronin - Teacher, Southern Cross Baptist School, Engadine

You should have a bee incursion in the classroom, because you can learn a truckload of things: like how to make a fantastic bee house. The bee house will let bees have somewhere to rest and lay their eggs, especially bees who cannot fly long distances. I like how the bee house looked after we painted it. We learned a lot and so did our teachers. The day was awesome.

Caitlyn, Year 1 student, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Wentworthville

Abbie the bee lady came to our school she taught us how to use a hammer and nails to build a bee house. We all cooperated together as a team to make a bee house.

Georgia, Year 1 Student, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Wentworthville

An interesting and informative presentation that stimulated the children’s curiosity. The construction aspect was a great move from information to real action.

Stage 2 Teacher, Erskineville Public School

Abbie was great with the kids, engaging and knowledgeable.

Teacher, St Canice's Primary School, Katoomba

Abbie was a dynamic presenter and great to deal with prior to our incursion. I highly recommend the Super Pollinators for connecting kids with the local fauna.

Stage 2 Teacher, Erskineville Public School, May 2018
The Super Pollinators Incursion was the perfect learning experience for years 3 and 4. The content was informative and the hand-on activity was very engaging and fun
Stage 2 Teacher, Erskineville Public School, May 2018

The activity was a very different experience for our kids – very engaging

Stage 2 Teacher, Erskineville Public School, May 2018

Thank you Abbie for your presentation at St Canice’s today. Our students really enjoyed your presentation and the learning from it. The bee hotel making was a hit! Very engaging, hands-on and purposeful

Teacher, St Canice's Primary School, Katoomba

Clear and easy to understand – pitched it perfectly for our students

Teacher, St Canice's Primary School, Katoomba

Very well linked to science and geography outcomes. Very interactive and informative.

Year 4 Teacher, Randwick Public School

Excellent resources, all set out, easy to use, SUPER!

Year 4 Teacher, Randwick Public School

The incursion provides lots of extension! The information was relevant and explained in a fun, simple way! Very engaging workshop that has real world applications. Loved it!

Year 4 Teacher, Randwick Public School

Our students were engaged and motivated by the build. Complimented our teaching very well.

Stage 3 Teacher, Faulconbridge Public School

Fantastic for our minibeast habitat theme and a new hands-on experience

Teacher - Stage 1, Killara Public School

Very enjoyable! The cute hats were a great way to illustrate how pollination occurs

Year 4 Teacher, Balgowlah North Public School

Outstanding workshop that covered everything curriculum wise with hands-on construction and all students thoroughly engaged.

Year 4 Teacher, Randwick Public School May 2018

Perfect in meeting the outcomes. The workshop certainly gave a purpose to the current learning. Engaging presenter, very knowledgeable. Resources supplied were very useful as a followup.

Year 4 Teacher, Balgowlah North PS 2018

Presenter was very knowledgeable and engaging with students

Stage 2 Teacher, Central Coast Steiner School

An informative, educational, hands-on workshop. The presenter was approachable, informative and warm.

Anna Haywood - Stage 3 Teacher, Woollahra Public School

A stimulating presentation on bees. The students were highly engaged during the presentation – especially the role play – and workshop activity. Friendly, caring and informative presenter who answered all questions at the child’s level. A wonderful incursion for stage 1 students.

Bee-Dazzzled - Stage 1 Teacher, Lakelands Public School

Abbie was so helpful from the first moment I made contact with her. Visual presentation was interesting and informative. My students just loved building the bee hotel. A great experience!

Teacher Stage 1, Lakelands Public School - November 2018

Excellent workshop developing students understanding about bees and the importance of bees in our environment. Hands-on activities provided many students with opportunities to use a hammer and nails while making a bee hotel.

Catherine Roberts - Stage 1 Teacher, Killara Public School

Children learnt and consolidated a lot of knowledge. A great capstone experience for our unit on bees and sustainability

Chris Wise - Teacher Year 3, Nicholson Street Public School Balmain East

Abbie was calm, professional and her enthusiasm was contagious!

Teacher, Balgowlah North Public School

It was right at the students level. Very entertaining. Highly recommend.

Emily Channell - Teacher, St Kierans Catholic School, Manly Vale

Worked well over zoom. Kids really engaged. Thank you so much for being so accommodating and for working with us through COVID and technology. The kids loved it and learned heaps!

Emma Follett - Teacher-Librarian, Bonnet Bay Public School




Our workshop comes to you – anywhere in the Greater Sydney Region!

Designed to Compliment Science & Geography:

Paddock to Plate, Pollination, Life Cycles, Mini Beasts, Sustainability, Environmental & Biodiversity Studies

Students make insect hotel’s in our hands-on workshop!

Includes models & a display of over 200 invertebrates

The Super Pollinators Incursion

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We are thrilled to be partnering with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney to offer The Super Pollinators program (above) in bee paradise!

Plan Bee Excursion

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Preschool age 3 plus

Due to popular demand we have designed a bee program for preschool age students. As seen on Playschool (ABC TV). Your children will love learning about bees via role play, investigation and making bee hotels.

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The author of A Hollow is a Home will visit your school – anywhere in the Greater Sydney Area!

Themes: Animal Biodiversity, Habitats & Ecosystems, Threatened Species, Conservation & Sustainability

Understand the needs, behaviour, relationships & adaptations of over 340 Australian animals for whom a Hollow is a Home

Hollow Heroes Incursion

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Stage 2-3

Hosted by The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, come and meet the author of A Hollow is a Home, learn about Australian biodiversity and make a nest box to encourage hollow loving critters in your school.

Themes: Animal Biodiversity, Habitats & Ecosystems, Threatened Species, Conservation & Sustainability

Understand the needs, behaviour, relationships & adaptations of over 340 Australian animals for whom a Hollow is a Home

Hollow Heroes Excursion

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We regularly provide workshops for councils, school holiday programs, scouts and guides, and special events. We can tailor something to suit your needs.

For a current list of community workshops press the button or if you would like to host a workshop for your community group, call us for a chat!

Community Workshops

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Shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards 2020 & also the Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children’s Literature 2020!


by Abbie Mitchell, illustrated by Astred Hicks

Paperback | October 2019 | $ 29.99
Colour illustrations and photographs throughout | 104 pages | 250 x 215 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations, Colour photographs
ISBN: 9781486308057

Teacher Notes available.

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Take a peek into the world of tree hollows and the Australian animals that call them home.

Do you know what a tree hollow is?

To you and me, a tree hollow is just a hole, cavity or tunnel in a tree or branch. But to an animal, that hollow may be a bedroom, hiding place, nursery or shelter. It is the ultimate tree house!

Come and take a peek inside the amazing world of tree hollows and discover more than 340 species of incredible Australian animals that call hollows home. With colour photos of glorious gliders, darting dunnarts, minute microbats and many more, this book is full of fun facts about animals that use tree hollows as places for resting, nesting or hiding.

Find out how hollows are created, why they are threatened and meet scientists who spend their time hollow-hunting. There are also plenty of tips on how you can spot hollows yourself, help to protect the environment and encourage habitat for hollow-dependent animals. Download the list of Australian hollow dependent species here