Kids Connecting Nature

Kids Connecting Nature delivers stimulating and hands-on incursions that empower kids to learn about and provide for local biodiversity with enthusiasm, awareness and proactive behaviour.

Importantly all our incursions are aligned to the new NSW  curriculum and easily linked to teaching outcomes. However at Kids Connecting Nature we strive to offer more than meet curriculum objectives. Research clearly shows the link between the growing disassociation with nature and biodiversity decline. We want to ignite children’s love and fascination for nature, instill in them the skills to identify and nurture their local biodiversity, and inspire them to share their knowledge with others.

Abbie Mitchell holds a Masters in Wildlife Management from Macquarie University and expertise in providing informative and fun biodiversity education for children and adults. She has successfully conducted environmental workshops for primary schools since 2007, and aside from Kids Connecting Nature, has years of experience leading school groups on excursions for NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, and EcoXplore. She also works part time managing the youth programs (Roots and Shoots and The National Youth Leadership Council) for the Jane Goodall Institute Australia. Busy!

Kids Connecting Nature began buzzing in 2015 when Abbie created a workshop about native bees for her son’s year 3 class. Since then, The Super Pollinators workshop has been presented for young and old – in hundreds of schools, council events and in bee paradise itself – The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. Almost 20,000 people have enjoyed The Super Pollinators workshop and together we have made over 4000 insect hotels!

Abbie is passionate about sharing the wonders about Australia’s amazing biodiversity. Her new academic children’s book  ‘A Hollow is a Home’ (CSIRO) celebrates over 340 Aussie species that rely on tree hollows. The book is released October 2019 – look out for workshops to support this important topic.

With exciting plans for a suite of fun, purposeful, locally focused workshops, we look forward to working together to create impassioned environmental champions.

Abbie enjoys exploring nature. Photo Katie Meyer