About Abbie Mitchell

Abbie Mitchell is an environmental educator who specialises in providing workshops and resources to empower kids to be proactive in nurturing Australian biodiversity.

2023 NSW Environmental Education Award Winner!

KCN is busting with pride for having won the 2023 Environmental Education Award for Business of the Year! It was fabulously exciting to have attended the award ceremony where the highlight was definitely getting to [...]

2023 NSW Environmental Education Award Winner!2023-12-04T15:55:53+11:00

Kids Love Bees 4 Pre’s

Term 1 2022 and Bees 4 Pre's has liftoff! Thanks to all the preschools who participated in the Bees 4 Pre's workshop this term. It has been a lot of fun growing this program thanks [...]

Kids Love Bees 4 Pre’s2022-03-22T16:40:49+11:00

Kids Connecting Nature on Playschool

Abbie from Kids Connecting Nature was thrilled to be part of the Green Team - in a special 'through the window' segment about Aussie Native Bees. Thanks to Playschool and the cool Kids involved for [...]

Kids Connecting Nature on Playschool2021-10-05T17:04:24+11:00


I was very lucky to spend a day at Taronga Zoo recently to film a story about the wonderful Aussie animals that appear in my book A Hollow is a Home. A huge thanks [...]

HOLLOW HOMES AT TARONGA ZOO2020-09-25T16:08:18+10:00

Native bees sharing insect hotel

Just before Christmas 2019, on a fine warm morning, I was thrilled to find 3 species of native bee each creating a nest in the same insect hotel. These photos show a fire-tailed resin [...]

Native bees sharing insect hotel2022-03-22T14:58:08+11:00

Make Nest Boxes for Wildlife

I wanted to share these nesting boxes I made specifically for the greater, yellow-bellied and sugar gliders as well as eastern pygmy possums and smaller mammals. These were made to accommodate animals who have [...]

Make Nest Boxes for Wildlife2020-02-08T01:44:46+11:00


I have a very exciting new tenant in my insect hotel - a fire-tailed resin bee! She has been working for weeks collecting resources for her nest. While she is concentrating her efforts on [...]

WELCOME TO MY NEW GUEST….2020-02-07T22:37:00+11:00

Magnificent Minibeasts

Magnificent Minibeasts - Invertebrates are the backbone of the ecosystem! Invertebrates are endlessly fascinating and you never know what you might discover when you start looking. I was thrilled to meet this little fellow bumbling [...]

Magnificent Minibeasts2019-07-05T05:31:23+10:00

Art is a Buzz

Term 3 2018 has buzzed by with visits to schools all over the greater Sydney area. The workshops are pitched to student ability - from the super smart preschool kids at Sydney Grammar Prep School, [...]

Art is a Buzz2019-12-06T04:54:10+11:00


The Super Pollinators program offers three models to suit every budget. All models include the same dynamic presentation and display. In CLASS BUZZY, one hotel is made per class. In TEAM BUZZY, students work in [...]

EVERY BUZZY HITS NEW HIGH2019-12-06T04:54:10+11:00
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