Term 3 2018 has buzzed by with visits to schools all over the greater Sydney area. The workshops are pitched to student ability – from the super smart preschool kids at Sydney Grammar Prep School, to the stage 3 students at Central Coast Steiner school – the Super Pollinators has proved a hit again and again.

One thing I especially love is seeing the artwork students develop to consolidated their understanding of bee anatomy, and how bees assist in pollination. When students at Peats Ridge PS realised that bees have 2 compound eyes and three ocelli (simple eyes), they insisted their teacher buy more googly eyes to make sure their artwork was anatomically correct! Good job!

Checking out the minibeasts I bring along under magnification, as well as the super size models also provide a fantastic opportunity to study invertebrate anatomy. It is endlessly fascinating!

Term 4 is already off to a buzzy start and we can’t wait to launch our two new programs in 2019. Stay tuned!