I have a very exciting new tenant in my insect hotel – a fire-tailed resin bee! She has been working for weeks collecting resources for her nest. While she is concentrating her efforts on the hole to the right, I saw her investigate the hole at the bottom of the timber round – so fingers crossed she moves on to fill that too!

My insect hotel sits under cover, on my verandah, atop my stingless bee hive where it gets morning sun and protection from wild weather. I constantly add flowering plants – even a little pot or a bunch of flowers, to see which the bees find interesting. It’s better than TV!

I hope that the hotels being made by The Super Pollinators participants are seeing a bit of bee action too!

This month saw the launch of the B & B highway – connecting bee and bird habitat across urban Sydney. By building an insect hotel, and creating habitat (lots of flowering plants), you are helping build the mighty highway in the sky. To find out more visit: https://foodfaith.com.au/content/articles/2019/2/13/sydneys-b-amp-b-highway-a-solution-to-insect-decline