Balgowlah North had a visit from The Super Pollinators to support their 10-week program about bees.

In the process we made 98 bee hotels – that’s a fantastic contribution to bee habitat for the northern beaches! It was good to see that they have been busily planting flowering natives in the school too. …bee food in the making.

I had a great day with this lovely bunch of kids, and judging from the thoughtful testimonials they sent, I think it was a good day all round. I look forward to visiting them again next year.

“Abbie was calm, professional and her enthusiasm was contagious!”

“This incursion was probably the best incursion we have ever had in the school. The content fit in perfectly with what we are teaching the students about bees and the skills we are looking at in Geography. I would highly recommend it!”

Staff comments Balgowlah North PS

“I liked it because it was very interactive and taught me a lot about the different types of bees.”

“The incursion was awesome. It made us active and care about bees, so thank you.”

“I’m giving it a nine out of ten.”

“The bee incursion was amazing. I would recommend it to every school in Australia.”

“I recommend it because you learn heaps about bees and other pollinators.”

“The bee hotels were so much fun to make and we had a great time.”

“The bee hotel was the best thing ever!”

“It was so much fun. I loved Abbie’s jokes, they were so funny and we learnt so much. I do recommend it to lots of other schools.”

Thanks Balgowlah Nth students for these amazing comments!