Did you know that the leaf cutter bee cuts little leaf blankets for her babies? Are you aware that the resin bee secures her nest with a toffee like door? How about that the carpenter bee creates separate ‘rooms’ for her offspring?

Year 3 of Our Lady of the Angels Primary School enjoyed learning about the fascinating life cycle of bees and the amazing nests that they provide for their brood.

Complimenting their study into life cycles, this workshop provided the perfect vehicle to further explore plant life cycles too and the importance of pollination, seed dispersal, and quality habitat.

Inspired by the presentation, these students were excited to be part of Plan Bee: To provide a healthy home and happy habitat for local native bee species. They were busting with insightful questions, and very eager to have their guests move in to the bee hotels that they created in small teams.

What a fun day! Thank you OLA!


Our year 3’s were captivated by Abbie’s fascinating facts about bees. They loved checking out all of the different specimens Abbie brought in too. The highlight of the day by far was definitely the hands-on opportunity for the students to build their very own bee hotels. It allowed for the important skill of team work to flourish and the results were amazing. Overall it was a fun filled day with lots of learning opportunities. Abbie was so knowledgeable and her enthusiasm was infectious. Thank you for a wonderful day Abbie!

Samantha Zivic (Teacher Our Lady of Angels Primary School)