It has only been 2 months since our workshops kicked off in March and already young bee enthusiasts have made more than 250 bee hotels!

With a population of only 22 students, Yanginanook had all children from K-6 participate in The Super Pollinators incursion, and after an amazing workshop we left them busting to decorate their hotels.

The children LOVED the bee incursion! And so did the parents. Thank you very much!! Ann Russell, Teacher Yanginanook School, Belrose

The Super Pollinators Workshop had a massive day at Wollongong Public School with exactly 100 kids participating!

Our students loved this … As a teacher I had my doubts they would be able to do it but they certainly proved me wrong. The presenter was very passionate which makes it more interesting for everyone. Amy Campbell, Wollongong Public School.

The Super Pollinators were excited to participate at Covenant Christian School recently as part of a series of rolling workshops across the day highlighting threatened species. We happily tailored the workshop to focus on the theme and wrapped up with the Web Of Life Game demonstrating the interspecies reliance of local species: starting with a native bee of course!

Thanks to Robyn Jacobs for organising such an inspiring day that also saw more than 60 kids take hotel kits home to support their bee friends.