We have been buzzing about and met so many wonderful bee enthusiasts.

Visiting Berrima primary school was a treat – but don’t be fooled by the historic façade – they have a state of the art Stephanie Alexander kitchen! As for fresh produce, they look no further than outside the door to the extensive vegetable garden; lovingly tended by the children and their enthusiastic teacher.

Of course a vege garden needs a pollinator or two, and now with the help of The Super Pollinators workshop, Berrima has a swag of bee hotels to accommodate their bee friends, and tie up their Plants in Action! unit.

I look forward to visiting again to pick up some veges at their monthly market.

Abbie and her fun presentation on native bees inspired our children and added so much to their knowledge of pollination. We have a large vegetable garden and orchard here in which the children spend allocated lesson time each week. We have spent the winter looking at pollination, seeds and flower parts whilst doing the Primary Connections unit Plants in Action. This workshop ties in nicely with the unit. Thank you Abbie! Kimberley Moule  (Garden Specialist, Berrima public school)

The smallest school we have visited this year was Southern Cross Baptist School during their annual camp. What a nice bunch of kids! We had a beaut day building hotels outside, and I left them excited about decorating their hotels ready for use, before they enjoyed a sausage by the campfire.

Thank you to you and your team at Kids Connecting Nature for running a fantastic and informative workshop for our primary students! It was amazing to discover so many wonderful facts about bees, especially Australian bees. The students thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, especially creating and painting their bee hotels…and some have already been put to good use! We will treasure this enriching experience for a long time. Denise Cronin  (Teacher, Southern Cross Baptist School)

Thanks to all our fantastic bee enthusiasts, and we look forward to meeting more of you in 2017!