A visit to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Wentworthville, saw 59 students in year 1 have a beesy day learning about their local pollinating heroes.

But the day was about more than wrapping up the Needs of Living Things unit they had been devouring all term.

For many kids it was a chance to do something they had never done before: use a hammer!

The practical component of the workshop really empowers kids as they develop basic carpentry skills. One young girl excitedly announced ‘Now I can help my Dad!’

These young children showed awesome cooperation as they worked in pairs to build their bee hotels. Once finished they enjoyed ferreting through the baskets of bamboo for ‘just the right piece’. We all had a great day, which was confirmed for me when a short time later I received these pictures and comments (below) from some of the kids.

You should have a bee incursion in the classroom, because you can learn a truckload of things: like how to make a fantastic bee house. The bee house will let bees have somewhere to rest and lay their eggs, especially bees who cannot fly long distances. I like how the bee house looked after we painted it. We learned a lot and so did our teachers. The day was awesome. Caitlyn, Year 1 OLMC

I learned how honeybees collect nectar. Charlise, Year 1 OLMC

My favourite bee is the teddy bear bee. I liked participating with my partner. Tony, Year 1 OLMC

Abbie the bee lady came to our school she taught us how to use a hammer and nails to build a bee house. We all cooperated together as a team to make a bee house. Georgia, Year 1 OLMC

I learned how to make a bee house, and I liked it cause it was easy to make. Marten, Year 1 OLMC

I learnt how to build a bee house and it was marvellous. Sarayu, Year 1 OLMC

I made a bee hive. I used a hammer and nails, with the nails and hammer I hammered it in. I think Abbie should visit other schools so they can learn all about the bees too. Alessandra, Year 1 OLMC

We should make bee houses like these because it is fun and we will learn more about bees. Jasmine, Year 1 OLMC

Thanks OLMC,  your bee hotels look terrific!